Charms of Sterling Silver Steal the Show

All that glistens truly isn’t always gold. As a matter of fact, silver was originally mined over 5000 years ago, in what is known now as Turkey. Though the word has various derived forms from several languages, the bottom line is its very meaning is “shining.” Now mold this precious metal into a small, delicate symbol of love, friendship, a hobby, sport, or a desire, and string several of them together on your wrist. Voila! A constant reminder of all you hold dear, cascading, ever glistening from your wrist.


Sterling silver charms for bracelets are a jewelry fashion staple. Why? They basically look elegant on most any wrist, can be worn for casual and upscale events and are always a well-received, great gift. Besides, anyone who has ever seen or owned one knows the charms speak volumes without saying a word. They allow the wearer to fill in the blanks on why it’s there, the meaning, etc. Silver trinkets dangling from one’s wrists in a bracelet which in itself is made of 925 silver is something which can be passed down as an heirloom. Though this type of metal can turn a brownish color with dulling, all you need is a little silver polish, and you’re good to go.

DIY or Made to Order

Sometimes the choices of what to put on your bracelet can be overwhelming. Granted you start with the sterling silver base which can be rope-like, string, small-chain design or a silver bar. Then you need to decide what to hang on it, how many, maybe adding charms with a pop of color, or beads in between to break things up or not. Making them can be a creative outlet, or you can even turn it into a party and invite friends over to join in.

If you decide to buy the charms and items needed to make your own bangles, just make sure you can read the 925 on the silver piece(s) purchased. Unlike gold which comes in 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k silver is best with the 925 stamp marked on it.  This means it’s made with 92.5% of real silver with another alloy in it which is usually copper.

If you buy a pre-made sterling silver charm bracelet make sure you can customize it and check the companies return policy if it doesn’t fit. However, you choose, these accessories are sure to last a long time, and provide much enjoyment to wear.