Jewelry Valuation Links

  1. Jewelry Appraisal: An independent appraisal company with over 60 years experience. Find the value in gems, jewelry and watches.
  2. American Gem Society: Offers some of the best appraisals and is dedicated to protecting their customers.
  3. My Gemologist: A helpful guide for learning about valuation and what to look out for when looking for an appraisal.
  4. Value My Stuff: This site allows you to upload pictures of your jewelry and connects you directly with a specialist. Your appraisal information will pop straight into your inbox.
  5. Jewelry About: This blogging site will teach you how to tell if your jewelry is worth anything.
  6. Diamons2Cash: Before selling, read through this site. You’ll gain some valuable insight on how an appraisal is done.
  7. Forbes: Take it from Forbes. Never sell a piece without educating yourself. Follow the tips suggested in this article.
  8. GIA: One of the best jewelry resources on the web. This site has all the information you’ll ever need regarding jewelry and gems. They also link you to appraisals and give you valuable info on what to look for.

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